#MeToo jokes, and why they encourage me.

It’s been over 2 years since #MeToo went viral with the Harvey Weinstein scandal . I was actually giving birth to my daughter that day, which is so interesting, because my entire pregnancy I felt God nudging me to be a voice for sexual assault, I was baffled by it at the time, but leave it God to have perfect timing.

I’m a stand up comedy junky to the core. I started noticing that all my comedy podcast and stand up specials were taking about “The MeToo era.” Big name comedians like Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, and Aziz Ansari all had a big part of their specials about it. They made jokes about it, and had both positive and negative things to say about it. As a survivor watching ,that was when I felt encouraged by the movement the most. I personally wasn’t offended by the jokes (although I respect how offensive that could be to some.) I was just glad it was being talked about in a mainstream platform.

For so long sexual assault has been the taboo topic we don’t talk about. It’s kept in the dark. It’s the family secret, and the topic people just don’t want to deal with. Most people don’t know the actual facts and statistics on it, and instead believe many harmful myths about it. We have sadly lived in a world that is victim blaming and pro perpetrator. But that is changing!

There has been a 7% increase on sexual assault reporting since #MeToo. High profile cases are being taken serious, Harvey Weinstein’s butt got put in prison for 23 plus years, laws are changing and becoming more pro victim.

There is a huge shift, and you can feel it! Im encouraged by the brave survivors telling their stories and fighting to make a change. I’m also incredibly encouraged by this younger generation being so supportive, open and willing to learn about the tough topics. There is always light in the darkness, you just have to look for it.

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