Living that awkward life.

When I decided to start this blog and be vulnerable with my story in the hope of helping others, one of the things I didn’t expect was how awkward I was gonna make things for people and environments. I kinda feel like a cop when people see me they slow down and make sure they are following the body safety rules. 😂

I decided to kick the awkward up a notch, and start a podcast with my sister called Talking about the no no’s. It’s hopeful conversations about the hard stuff, with regular people telling their stories. The first series is my story. It’s a series on sexual assault, and the last episode airs tomorrow. I’m incredibly proud of this podcast and my series. I’ve received a lot of great feedback from people telling me how helpful this was for them, and how appreciative they are that this subject is being talked about. I’ve also got a lot of “I’m scared to listen to it.” and both are honest feedback. When you start a blog and podcast on heavy subjects, you don’t exactly gain a huge fan base or have the most likes on Instagram. I started both of these things to help the people it’s suppose to help, even if it’s only 1.

I’ve been reflecting on my series ending, and how awkward my life has been lately, and I decided that I’m proud of my new awkward life. It’s freeing to not be silenced by my abuse anymore, or care what others will think if they know. Living a vulnerable and open life just makes things awkward, and that’s not a bad thing, especially if it’s helping others.

Live your best awkward life!

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