The people who lean in.

Yesterday I taught a class on sexual abuse awareness to a group of people who are amazing speakers, to say that was intimidating would be an understatement. I already have stage freight, and I definitely stumbled through words, and rushed through parts I had prepared more, my eye started twitching, and my legs were shaking, but God was with me, and got me through it. The information was shared and the the audience was gracious and kind.

When God called me to be a voice in this sexual assault movement, it was easy to think of all the reasons why someone else would be better at it then me, in fact most of the ways I’m using my voice are my biggest weaknesses instead of my strengths. So I’m counting on the Holy Spirt to work, and I’m trusting that God picked me, so all of my insecurities about it I can give to Him, and just follow His lead.

I say all of this because being vulnerable is hard, and so is using your voice. Survivor stories are powerful and can bring healing and hope to many. We are not all these amazing speakers but that doesn’t make our story less helpful.

I was reflecting on what has helped me the most with starting this journey, and it’s been the people that not only support me, but leaned in to be a part of it.

To all the people who have leaned in, I cherish your support more than you know.

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